About Tom Boomershine

Tom is the founder of the Network of Biblical Storytellers and a New Testament scholar. He works on establishing a new framework for the Bible in the global oral/digital culture. This trip to Cambodia is an opportunity to initiate biblical storytelling in the Methodist Church in Cambodia. His hope is that this will introduce processes of liberation and peace for the people of Cambodia.

Gift from the Methodist Church in Cambodia

An extraordinary day today. The final plenary and workshop this morning and tonight a mass storytelling extravaganza and epic telling. For the first time ever anywhere, we tried a group of 200 plus into groups of ten. The leader had them create a circle of ten chairs each and made a competition out of who would get their circle together first which was great fun. And everyone in each of the circles told a story. It was an ecstatic experience, like Pentecost. People standing and telling to their groups. The groups applauding for each storyteller. People celebrating all over the room. It was beautiful to watch and hear.

Then we had an epic telling of 28 stories from Mark. Primarily Cambodians, and six Americans. It was particularly powerful for me to hear these stories told by this global community. I was aware as an American of what American intervention and bombing back in the 70’s precipitated in Cambodia. What our team did felt like a real gift and they were joyously grateful. At the end Tom Rand, as leader of our team was presented with the gift of a beautiful wall hanging. Thanks to everyone who contributed to making this possible.















Graceful Preparations

As I am preparing for this mission, I’m aware of the support of all the people who have made this venture possible. Individuals, congregations and agencies of the United Methodist Church have contributed about $30,000 so that all the pastors and spouses of the Methodist Church in Cambodia can attend our educational event: This morning Amelia and I received the gift of a blessing from the children and congregation of Grace Church here in Dayton. We are surrounded by grace and good cheer.