Joseph’s Dream

Pop quiz, Concord readers, what were Joseph’s dreams about? How did he interpret Pharaoh’s dreams?

The reason I ask is that Joseph Chan, DS f or the Kompong Thom district in northern Cambodia has a dream. Joseph is a survivor of Pol Pot. He met his wife, Marilyn, in a refugee camp on the Thai border. They encountered Christ there amidst all the lost people. Eventually they escaped ti the U.S. where Joseph became a United Methodist pastor.

Joseph and Marilyn returned to Cambodia in the 1990s as missionaries. I remember them well from my visit 2 years ago. Marilyn has been a steadfast advocate for women’s ministry in Cambodia since they arrived. I’m bringing home a book written about the to share.

Today I had my first moto (motorcycle) ride in Cambodia. We left Siem Reap, where we are staying, to go out in the country. I’ll write about the harrowing ride when I stop shaking. Anyway, Joseph dreams of a senior adult center near Siem Reap, complete with a sustainable agricultural community, a church (which has already been built), and a school. He showed me plans and described his dream in vivid terms.

Right now there is only a building frame, 2 ponds, a chicken coop, and a mango, but he sees the fully developed vision. In order to get to the plot, we had to take a hand tractor-driven trailer through waist deep flooded rice paddies. But Joseph sees not what is, but what can be, what will be by God’s grace.

In Genesis, Pharaoh dreamed of seven fat cows swallowed by seven skinny cows, interpreted by the biblical Joseph as a prophecy about abundant and lean years. Cambodia has been through the lean years, and now Joseph Chan sees the possibilities of abundant life for his people, abundant life promised in Jesus Christ.

Please join me in prayer for Joseph’s dreams.






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