“I will tell this story”

cambodians and ameliaFirst thing this morning we had our third and final storytelling workshop. The last story I taught “my group” was the anointing of Jesus in Mark 14. The group was so cooperative and responsive in learning the story, telling it to each other and sharing connections. Our connection today was to recall how the woman showed her love for Jesus by pouring fine oil over his head and then to consider how we can show our love for Jesus by telling his stories from the Gospels, and also by telling the stories of his people as recorded for us in the Hebrew scriptures.

Our questions to reflect on were: What story will you learn by heart and tell when you go back home tomorrow, and to whom will you tell it? First I shared my reflection: I will be learning the parable of the Lost Sheep to tell the children of Grace Church in Children’s worship. Then I had them pair up and share with each other their answers. Lastly, we went around the circle and everyone stood and told what stories they would tell and to whom. It was such a blessing to hear the variety of stories and settings for teaching, and also to hear the confident commitment to this basic way of proclaiming the Good News.

I will miss this group and our story-work together, but I will be happy to remember it and to imagine the stories being told in their churches and communities.

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About Amelia Boomershine

Rev. Amelia Boomershine is Director of GoTell Communications, Inc. and Director of Children's Ministries at Grace United Methodist Church, Dayton. Amelia is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International. This will be her fifth overseas mission trip for the purpose of teaching biblical storytelling and her first visit to Cambodia.

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